Volume XVI, 1-2017
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What to Expect from E-Card?

What to Expect from E-Card?

The new Services e-Card presented by the European Commission in its Services Package on 10th January could facilitate the life of businesses. Service providers delivering services in several EU countries still face many administrative barriers and regulatory requirements.

The so-called e-card should ensure that the home authority would deal on behalf of the service provider with requirements of the host country. After having secured all the procedures, the provider will be able to deliver the service in another country inde nitely, unencumbered by additional administrative requirements. It seems as a great solution for businesses. But we should not forget that it relies only on the willingness and efficiency of national authorities.

The e-card should not, in any case, overshadow the problems (administrative and regulatory barriers), on the contrary it should help to point them out and solve them. If this will happen, then it definitely has a business support.

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